I have known Kristi for 20 years.  She and I met in high school.  We went through the awkward teen years.  We were friends in college.  And here we are just a few years later (ahem), each of us married with a family of our own.

Last year I had the chance to shoot Kristi, her husband, and their then 4-year old daughter in Austin.  Little did they know they would be adding to their family just a year later!

Meet the super mellow Lillian Grace.


She only opened her eyes for a few moments during our entire session.


After a little yawn…


She was out again.


Big sister, Kenzie, has been a big help for mama.  She wanted so badly to be a part of the photo shoot.  I can tell that Kenzie will enjoy being a big sister.


Lillian Grace, a sweet girl, from her head…


Down to her sweet ducky tushie (and her feet!).


Congrats Kristi and family!  Baby Lillian is so mellow and just lovely!

Your photos are now on the client page (click on the tab towards the top of the page).  Enjoy!

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