It looks like this year is quickly turning into a year of newborns!  I have to be honest I am loving it!!

Recently I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon loving on Alisha’s 10 day old newborn AND her 5 older children.  They were all curious of the equipment I brought with me and they were eager to help.

Some of the kiddos were more curious about the new baby than my equipment….


Big sister to the rescue!


Baby A was more interested in staying awake with her siblings than taking those sweet sleepy newborn photos that her mom had in mind.  It’s ok, we had fun trying a few shots with her eyes open.


And then after a little bit of loving on her (my job is so hard), she was out.


Before our session ended I was able to get a beautiful shot of Alisha and all the kiddos.  Levi was a little more interested in playing with his baby sister, and yet shes somehow managed to sleep through all of it.  


Thank you Alisha for letting me come and shoot your family.  I hope your husband enjoys the surprise!  The rest of your photos will be ready soon!


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