I have photographed the Ford family a few times in the past, you may remember these photos from a very cold October day.  In a few photos you may notice Kristy rockin’ a sweet baby bump.

That baby is sweet Miss Sarah.  She made her debut and she has transitioned right into this family of (now) 7.

One thing I enjoy is watching the relationships of kids in big families. It is so much fun to see their love.


Kristy sent me a Pinterst board full of wonderful ideas!  Knowing how fickle a newborn’s sleeping schedule (is there such a thing?) can be, we started with Kristy’s favorite ideas.

As with any big family, not everyone agrees on photo ideas.  In this case, some of the kiddos were enthusiastic to try out this pose, others were not as much.  It was worth a try.  I love this idea (so don’t be surprised if you find this photo in my home soon!).


We went back to their house so I could take a few shots of the sisters.  I can only imagine the fun these two girls will have in a few years.

003 bw wm

Miss Sarah was already getting tired and was slipping into a sweet newborn sleep.  As she rested I got to shoot away!


And while she was content we took a few photos with Daddy’s Army boots.

001 wm

Welcome Miss Sarah, thank you for being such a sweet sleepy baby for our photo session.  Enjoy those siblings, they are so much fun to be around and I can already tell that they are enjoying you.


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