Abby contacted me about photos a few months ago.  She knew she wanted a family photo session, but being a busy mom to 3 kids, she wasn’t sure when her schedule would allow her family to be together for photos.

We finally found an appointment that would work, and somehow, in between homeschooling her kiddos and preparing for her 10 year anniversary trip to Ireland, she managed to pull together some awesome outfits for her family.

The colors were vibrant and it matched their personalities well.


They had a lot of fun and I ended up with a few fun photos that


There were a lot of smiles to go around.



Despite the wind there were still smiles in the end.


(by the parents too)


They even asked me to do a photo for their Facebook cover page!


Thank you Whiteley family!  I enjoyed spending my evening shooting your family.  Congrats on 10 years of wedding bliss, here is to many more!

ps. I hope you enjoy Ireland!


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